Friday, April 8, 2011


I am one of those people who seldom smile when photographed. I wonder if it's related to my personal beliefs. I don't believe in perfection of pictures. When I see a great photo, the first thing that comes to my mind, "What's beneath that smile? Is the person as happy as he or she portrays?"

There must be stories beneath each picture. Be it dark or bright as day.

An example of this, I use to wonder who took a particular picture. If he is not a photographer or at least into photography, why is he taking the picture? Don't they think that he or she might want to be in that picture too? Is he/she isolated, a pushover or something? Or the others think he/she is too ugly to be in that picture? That's not so good, right?

But in the simplest words, regardless of my arguments, I am not photogenic. Hahahah!


- koroe - said...

i hate being photographed

but i'd love to snap others.

MATAHARI said...

i like to be a photographer.

seeing hidden things in lenses.

Hanis Manis said...

i look ugly when i dont smile but i look even uglier when i smile.

ah, wth.

but yah, every picture is portraying something; either meanings nor fakes.

ghost writer said...

aku lebih suka secara candid sebab aku tak perlu merasa kekok atau janggal dengan bergaya di depan kamera.

Valossa Vicious said...


I do enjoy taking pictures. Not of human beings though.


I take pleasure in thinking what's beneath a perfect picture.

@Hanis Manis

You look sweet enough in my eyes. Eheh.

@ghost writer

Sama dengan aku. Pasal tu aku hargai aku yang diambil curi-curi. Gambar aku yang diambil secara sedar jarang sekali normal.