Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Half Empty Glass (with a little hope)

For an optimist, once his dream is crushed to nothingness, unalterable beyond means and power, that's the end of their optimism. Thus, instead of delusions of grandeur, they become delusional realist.

And I believe that's what's happening to me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Repost: Coma and only

For heaven's sake I know surely
these unending thoughts match that of thee
either none or infinity
beyond or within sanity
concluding this complexity
Faces, they disguise too perfectly
thoughts, into corners they hid discreetly
peeking, stalking beneath uncertainty
through spoken words blurted unwittingly
really, ask me, choke me
none I wish but be alive shall thee
be merry, more than ever could any
if not then it shall be me not thee
away and away that's where I shall be.

Repost: Garisan Abstrak

sendiri aku di ruang ini
mencari logik dan alasan
keliru tak berperasaan
untuk aku, begini

ingin ku cari
apa makna dibalik senyum
asyik dikuntum
walau buta apa terpateri

aku ingin erti
berlari kala senja
sembunyi bawah pelangi
lupa dan lupa segalanya

aku kadang benci
menjadi pacal dunia
mencari bayang sorga
esok lusa dan lagi

*Title tribute to Bin Jidan

The Burdened

Dear world
trust me these words are bold
and these words I can't hold
how I wish I can turn everything left unfold

Dear, I gotta go
nothing matters, today or tomorrow
I know it's hurt to forgo
this heavenly venom I borrow

Leave me, forget me.
Love me, loath me.
Hold me, bury me.

Repost: Warna

warna itu bagiku
hanya sekadar garisan
pada raut wajah
yang sirna cerita
tapi bawa seribu makna
beri aku
masa dan ketika
biar hilang separuh jiwa.

Repost: Chicken Shit

siapa kata kita benar
bila kita selindung dalam gebar
siapa kata kita berani
kalau kita tidak benar
siapa kita cakap besar
kalau hati bagai selumbar
siapa benar siapa salah
semua pun bullshit lah
chicken shit
you know chicken shit

Friday, January 21, 2011


seorang anjing
benar, seorang anjing

benar, kau benar Terrier
tunduk, akur dia menyalak
yes sir, yes sir

salah, kau salah Rottweiler
tunduk, akur dia menyalak
yes sir yes sir

duduk, kau duduk Husky
tunduk, akur dia menyalak
yes sir, yes sir

sampai mati
dia tetap anjing yang sama
dia tidak menjadi serigala.

Tiada Subjek

tak sama dengan kamu
tak sampai
hanya mimpi

dalam mimpi, dalam hati

tiada akhir.


jika satu hari aku tiada
jangan hilangkan kata-kataku
biar mereka terapung di alam maya

oh dan juga
kamu harus tahu, hanya kamu okeh

saat hujung nyawa itu
kamu orang pertama aku ingat
selepas tuhan, ibu dan ayah.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mark Twain lagi

My kind of loyalty was loyalty to one's country, not to its institutions or its officeholders. The country is the real thing, the substantial thing, the eternal thing; it is the thing to watch over, and care for, and be loyal to; institutions are extraneous, they are its mere clothing, and clothing can wear out, become ragged, cease to be comfortable, cease to protect the body from winter, disease, and death.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


An enemy can partly ruin a man, but it takes a good-natured injudicious friend to complete the thing and make it perfect.
Mark Twain


Sometimes knowing too much will eventually kill you.

Monday, January 17, 2011


datang dan pergimu ibarat ribut
lenyap kau
namun bekasnya masih di sini


Mangkuk satu


Mangkuk dua

Wei mangkuk.

Go dai pliz.

Anjing dan Babi

Jilat bontot lagi

Jilat sampai berkilat.

Sampai perut kau berisi.

Sakit Otak

saya sakit otak

kerana saya nampak lebih banyak yang salah dari yang betul

kerana saya rasa kamu tipu

Kamu bagaimana?

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Disagreeing just for the sake of disagreeing

is plain mental!

Burn Out

That's education

That's education

Discreet despotism.


carilah syurga di telapak kaki dunia
nescaya tak ketemu
menarilah, laungkanlah dalam kehanyutan jwamu
lupakan esok lusa
lupakan jalan kembali
No, just no.


Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sometimes I wonder why such cunt could be so alive.

Ahh bother.

They're everywhere.

Never Forget

“Love is as much of an object as an obsession, everybody wants it everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it, those who do, will cherish it, be lost in it, and among all, will never...never forget it.”
Curtis Judalet


I thought I wanna see her again today.

Suddenly it's raining.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Between Sadness and Anger

Rather than drowning in sadness and submitting to my own powerlessness over certain things.

I prefer to be angry and rude.

With that I find my key to madness.

With madness I sow the seeds of hatred.

With hatred I could forget.

When I forget then nothing will hurt me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


in this country is meant to create ass-wipes. But a few fail because they broke the mold and be awesome instead.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Don't live your life like a boring little cunt.

Who cares what you do?

Who cares about you?

I Beg to Differ

and I want to break myself away from this bullshit.

I refuse to kneel to this merciless bureaucracy.

You know well what the future promises.

But you just can't stop it.

But I beg to differ.

I will.

And you will see that pretty soon.

Faith #2

What if one day you wake up in your bed and discover the faith you held close for so long, since the day you were born;

is actually wrong.

No matter how you felt right about it.
That you are going to hell for that reason. The same faith your mom and dad believed in.

And God forbid; if there's no actual religion at all. You'll just die in your grave, rot, your lifeless vessel will be eaten my maggots and your destination is nowhere.

Shoving religion to people's throat is wrong.

Because all of us wanted to believe what we believe is right.

Faith without precedence of doubt is not true faith. It's fanaticism. That's why politics is always in motion with religions-- The greatest tool of exploitation.

Faith without prior doubt is

strong, obsessed, wrong, baseless and exploitable.

You were in it by chance. Hence, you'll never value something you didn't toil for, didn't suffer for.

Diseased faith.


There may be a phase in your life when you'll find that...

You're incapable of love.

Why the heck should you try to fix something that is not broken?

If a heart should hurt, why risk to break it in the first place?


is what you do to conform to society's expectations.

In its most basic form, it's just a license for copulation.


To be truly alive is to do everything without a tint of regret.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


is for the weak.


Do shitty work to eat food which will turn to shit, to persevere in a shitty life you held on just to constantly buy shitty things you don't need.

Faster Than The Speed of Love

That's the title of a book Brian wrote in Family Guy series.

What's it about actually? Fragility of mortal love and hopeless desires?

I hope all of you are damned.

Faith #1

Faith that comes without the precedence of doubt is fanaticism.

The cheapest, most exploitable form of faith mankind had ever known.

The Ruffian's Anthem

Perfect song to describe how my brain works.

So fucking what?

Well, I've been to Hastings
And I've been to Brighton
I've been to Eastbourne too
So what, so what

And I've been here
And I've been there
And I've been every fucking where
So what, so what

So what, so what, you boring little cunt
Who cares, who care's what you do?
And who cares, who cares about you?
You, you, you, you

And I sucked sweets
And I sucked rock
And I even sucked an old man's cock
So what, so what

And I've fucked a sheep
And I've fucked a goat
I've had my cock right down its throat
So what, so what

So what, so what, you boring little cunt
Who cares, who cares what you do?
Who cares, who cares about you?
You, you, you, you

And I've drunk that
And I've drunk this
I've spewed up on a pint of piss
So what, so what

And I've had scag
I've had speed
I've jacked up until I bleed
So what, so what

So what, so what, you boring little cunt
Who cares, who care's what you do?
Who cares, who cares about you?
You, you, you, you

Well I've had crabs
And I've had lice
And I've had the pox and that ain't nice
So what, so what

And I've fucked this
And I've fucked that
And I've even fucked a schoolgirl's twat
So what, so what

So what, so what, you boring little cunt
Who cares, who cares about you?
Who cares, who cares about you?
You, you, you, you

Monday, January 10, 2011


If it's just you, it's a tragedy, a dilemma, well for a glimpse of moment; yet fragile and forgettable. Disposable even.

If it's hundreds, thousands or millions. It's just fucking numbers. Statistic.

Or better yet a breaking news on newspaper headline.

Black Spiral

Hello there.

This blog is an alternate personality of ComaBlackWhite, for those familiar with that blog. Thanks for reading and following. CBW evolved from a personal, collective rants of teen angst and bad poetry to a blog with very random contents, occasionally poking at current issues and dilemmas.

However, during that process it began to lose its personal touch. Hence, the birth of this blog which I randomly call alter-persona. A blog specifically designed for more personal content.

Black Spiral is the name I thought of based on this notebook I just bought. The front cover is black, with a round, black and white spiral drawn in the middle. Simple much yet it somehow explains my permanent state of mind.

So, welcome.