Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Faith #2

What if one day you wake up in your bed and discover the faith you held close for so long, since the day you were born;

is actually wrong.

No matter how you felt right about it.
That you are going to hell for that reason. The same faith your mom and dad believed in.

And God forbid; if there's no actual religion at all. You'll just die in your grave, rot, your lifeless vessel will be eaten my maggots and your destination is nowhere.

Shoving religion to people's throat is wrong.

Because all of us wanted to believe what we believe is right.

Faith without precedence of doubt is not true faith. It's fanaticism. That's why politics is always in motion with religions-- The greatest tool of exploitation.

Faith without prior doubt is

strong, obsessed, wrong, baseless and exploitable.

You were in it by chance. Hence, you'll never value something you didn't toil for, didn't suffer for.

Diseased faith.

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