Sunday, February 6, 2011


As you can see, each entry in this blog is tagged with weird Labels called Spirulina. It has got nothing to do with that slimming herb. Just because it rhymes with Spiral. So here, whether you really care about it or not, I'm going to explain what each Spirulina means (and of course so I myself will remember what it means).

Entries labeled with adrift can be poems, or just a pattern of sentences which doesn't rhyme. Adrift means, it was written freely, without planning but written by going with the flow-- Personally that's how I write most of the time. It could also mean it was written when I feel lost, a bit melancholic, romantic perhaps. Hahaha

Some songs that I like which I might post in Black Spiral. Well, some of you do like posting song lyrics in your blog, right? Honestly, that sucks.

Black Spiral
Entries labeled with Black Spiral are mostly confusing that I myself might have trouble understanding what in the world I had written. It could mean something or nothing at all. Sometimes it is personal. Too personal perhaps.

Quotes or words by other wonderful people I stumbled upon. I don't copy words from other people and claim that it's mine and everyone should do that too, especially if you bitch too much about perspectives.

Fucked up shit which I don't really mean or really stupid things I just want to write down. Beware, it is often revolting.

My opinion and perspective on random subjects, written in few sentences.

Rebel Yell
Because the world is humorous?

Really short entries, similar to Opinion but usually it's in one sentence. Sometimes I'll be the only person who's able to understand it-- hey that's stupid but who cares.

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